• Fully TPD Compliant
  • USP Grade Nicotine

Datt Shot is the great new fully TPD compliant way to safely convert any e-liquid into a 3mg or 6mg

Sourcing and using USP grade nicotine, Datt Shot has quickly taken the market by storm. Datt Shot is being recognised as the UK’s leading TPD complaint nicotine booster.


1 x 10ml Datt Shot in to any 50ml e-liquid to convert it into 3mg

In May 2017, the laws for both UK and EU surrounding eCigarettes, eLiquid, and vaping were changed. Restrictions to purchasing eLiquid in a maximum capacity of 10ml, has rightly upset many people in the vaping community.

However, some industrious vapers have discovered another way to supply premium eLiquid in the post-TRPR era of vaping. Many vapers have been used to getting 30ml and 60ml bottles, nicotine shots will allow this method of vaping to still continue.


Nicotine shots are a fully compliant way to convert a 0mg juice into a nicotine-containing eLiquid. This allows quantities of larger than 10ml to be converted into nicotine containing eLiquids, but still within the confines of the TRPR regulations. One company in particular, Datt Shot are at the forefront of this revolution. Nicotine shots enable any 60ml bottle of nicotine free eliquid to be turned into either 3mg or 6mg, depending on user preference.


Whether its citrus fruits or cream and custards, Datt Shot has been designed and developed to work across the spectrum of eLiquid flavours. Ensuring only the best mixing outcomes for their customers. Datt Shot nicotine is easy dissolvable and designed to mix seamlessly with any premium eLiquid range on the market.

Datt Shot 18mg 10ml Nicotine Supplement